Depth Fantasia - Screen Shots
02.05.2003 A few more Screens
Nice home... Ahh, nothing like a walk on the beach The treasure is glowing
All alone This should help I'm blushing
I want to buy this, this, and this HEY, Get off my land Sorry, I don't have any chairs
Don't you like my outfit? Maybe if you put a picture up it will look better That outfit your wearing is outrageous
Two down, one to go *sniff* No girl on girl action tonight BANG, Now where's the boom?
Hey monsters aren't supposed to help each other A temple in the middle of the desert? How original I hope they don't like being cold
I'm lost, why don't you lead? Hurry, the ice-cream store closes soon Bout time for a break
As a mage, I refuse to be in the front Bad doggie This is a battle of magic
Can't you see I'm working? Could you speak up, I can't hear you Three against one. I like these odds
OK, whose bright idea was it to fight a dragon? Where did you guys come from? It's still following us?
I have no clue where I'm going Player vs Player
09.10.2001 More Screens Game Watch
What's that sign say? Wandering by the river Inventory screen
Street talking Backroom meeting Castle wanderings
Somewhere in the castle Babysitting Back in the backroom
A pixie on a sandy road The argumentative knight An old drunkard
A smoky battle Mysterious floating head It burns!
Purple poison Bubble of DOOM Death blocks
Buying armor Inventory handling Trading items
09.02.2001 First Screens
Birds eye view Conversing in a bedroom Using magic in battle
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