Depth Fantasia - Artwork
02.05.03 More Artwork  
Carl Daniel Dohdo
Elis Franfran Freya
Garlen Jutta Kageie
Kate Liola Luna
Mellia Monica Nicole
Peter Resta Sharlotte
Shiranui Zoe A Second World Map
11.17.01 When Characters Attack!  
Allen Almadora Black Knight
Cidera Craps Deseo
Esperana Eterna Gatoe
Geiz Glanaties Ivan
Jake Kailos Kalcos
Orphen Reia Rilulu
Roget Sara Tirmij
Vazmo Yang Wen  
09.10.2001 Characters and Locations Game Watch
Got pot? A seductress Some...uh...creative clothing
Beseeching the heavens You, sir, are a nerd Watch where you swing that thing
A clustered town Lonely shack by the falls A woodland shrine
Map of the world    
09.02.2001 First Artwork
Reia Elinos Glanatiess Gatoe Clusoe
Black Knight    
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