Dark Ages - Screenshots
09.05.2001 Additional Screens  
A Bedroom Smooch! An Altar
A Bulletin Board Writing Contest Exchanging Items
Guilds Wide Open Fields Smell the Roses
Assorted Items List of Stories Raar
Political Alignments Equipment Feel The Healing
Religious Alignments Face More on Religion
More Equipping Menus The Skill Icons The Spell Icons
Friends Online Overlaying Map Gathering Assorted Troops
Entertaining Desert Fire Contemplation
That's Amore Exiting a Cabin BRRRRRRR
Swish At a Bar Through the Underbrush
A Fight Breaks Out An Explosive Situation? Garden Love Party
The Busy Throng Fighting in the Wastelands Armor, Anyone?
Magic for Sale Synchronized Hula Hooping "Where's the Bus?"
A Hideaway They're Floating... Catacombs
01.12.2001 Official Screens  
At a village meeting Battling a gargoyle The Mileth Guard
Using spells during a battle In a cemetery Defending the town of Pravat
Using fire magic Another flame spell Townspeople attending an auction
Townspeople at Sunday mass At a player's baptism Knew I Forgot Something
Battle in a thick forest Monks in training At Sunday mass in Giloca town
Battling a dragon The mysterious Druids Alongside a riverbank
At Sunday mass in Cali town Villagers performing a play Exploring ancient ruins
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