Dark and Light - Screen Shots
01.08.2005 GamerGod Interview Screens GamerGod
Snow-Capped Mountain Desert Monster Coastal Monsters
06.16.2004 More Screens
Dragon vs. Army Flowery Field Add in Trees
Crossing the Bridge Farm Panoramic Castle Gates
Winter Wonderland Birdman? Under Dragon Siege
Snowtrek Fighting! Finally! Airbound
High Desert Winds Nighttime Hut Sandstorm Hut
Dusk Hut Mountain Trail Graveyard Nights
Quiet Grave Posing with Waves! Choco-what?
Overlooking Land and Moon Gondola City! Landing or Leaving?
Desert Town New Meaning for Half Moon Skeleton Battles
Character Posing Graveyard meetup Woofies
Bless you! Rainy Days
03.21.2003 First Screens
That fort didn't last long I HATE heights I've climbed a lot of mountains in my days
A quiet plain Set up camp I wish I brought a pair of pants
How romantic Picture perfect Work with the camera
What kind of horse is that? If you've seen one mountain you've seen them all A open grassland
A forest in the fall A small camp I'm thirsty
This has great strategic positioning The grass here is longer then it looks A huge desert
I stand alone A thick forest Where are all the people?
A beautiful setting More scenery I'm ready for anything
All that I have traveled A night in the forest I'll need to climb those cliffs
What a great sunset Rough terrain More trees
If you could turn your head to the right some I said right! A long road ahead
A few hills If I only had a paintbrush Attack of the triangles
I must have made a wrong turn Underneath this tree is great treasure Opps wrong tree
Maybe this one? What a great place for a home That's no ordinary fountain
There's the ladder Those trees are pointing to something It looks clear ahead
Time for a break The sunrise is so cruel A plateau
I can see the sea Down the mountain These flowers look so nice
I'm going to build a home over there someday Time for battle Another grassland
I am the one I hope I don't trip
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