Shin Megami Tensei Nine - Screen Shots
Mmm, curved surfaces. Seductive street dancing. Your pets follow you everywhere.
Sumire... Too many cute little jesters. The apocolpyse looks yummy.
Your elephant looked at me funny! Something is very wrong with that outfit. Gargoyles are your pals.
RAAAWR!! Depth charge 'em! The world... shatters.
Holy or evil magic? Looking pretty in combat. Toasted!
Those look like... pins. You're fired!(:end bad pun:) Barriers.
Is this a good or a bad situation? Heh, tentacles. Arrow shower!
What an odd battle system. So, this is an online RTS, too? Careful. The middle one is dangerous.
Mmm, legs. Would you like to stab my cuteness? Light Law 1
Light Law 2 Light Neutral 1 Light Neutral 2
Light Chaos 1 Light Chaos 2 Neutral Law 1
Neutral Law 2 Neutral Neutral 1 Neutral Neutral 2
Neutral Chaos1 Neutral Chaos2 Dark Law 1
Dark Law 2 Dark Neutral 1 Dark Neutral 2
Dark Chaos 1 Dark Chaos 2
10.31.2002 Newer Bigger Screens XenGamers
Streetwalking Blue Sorcery Tendriliscious
You've got mail A-maze-ing Post-apocalyptic sunset
05.13.2002 Small Screens
Big Lights, Big City That's one big shop One on one chat
A status screen? Hi Ho Silver..Away! Pretty Lights
Going to church Are they housebroken?  
05.13.2002 Bigger Screens Game Watch
Kawaii! Bigger version of above status screen Jack Frost on the town
A Battle? One kitty you don't want to tick off Taking the kitty for a walk
02.22.2002 Somewhat Smaller Screens
Going for a walk Farther away  
02.22.2002 Big Screens Game Watch
Streets overrun by monsters A spot of color Clustered enemies
Getting techno    
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