Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 - Screen Shots
05.07.2005 Official Shots
An elaborate building "Freeze, punk!" Hats off
Street punks Battle stations Looking relaxed
Magical transformations Taking a bite out of crime Nowhere to run
A guardian angel Pompeii Providing the backup
Tsk, such a bloody mess Computer food Contemplation
"Boxing" lessons Conforming with the hive Looks like a rainbow vomited
04.30.2005 First Screens
Serph in human form Shady man with sunglasses Scary old lady
Main characters gather Welcome to the world of the real "Don't pull that"
A giant demon-thing I am the one Special effects
A new grid system Status screen Flying demon lady
Weird looking demon Enemies can dance "The dancing enemy hit me!"
Wind/Force damage That's no Pokemon Angel
At least they have plants here The sky is falling Dungeon crawling
Running up the slope Broken sky Tall building
A robot? Transform! This wall is in the way
A footsoldier? "Fools, guns don't do damage in RPGs" A new character
Are you the one? That scary lady again She even glows in the dark
More grid system The real sun Nirvana was a ripoff
Doesn't look dangerous
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