Paper Mario - Screens
02.21.2001 Yet More Gameplay Screens
Title screen A pretty starscape Bowser's evil plot
Return of the floaty face Gwaa ha ha indeed Inside some ruins
Running for fun That poor mole "This pipe ain't big enough for the both of us..."
Desert fun Make a wish Luigi out for a stroll
Mail call But are suspenders acceptable attire? Brothers in town
Exactly what does she mean by that? Timberrrrrr! That looks suspiciously like bowser...
Now who would kidnap a castle? Princess doesn't seem too worried Mario gets a pummeling
Bowser waves his rod "I can see my house from up here!" Master of the obvious (part 1)
I was wondering the same thing Go ahead, rub it in Real life needs more save points
Mario's put on the spot Mario falls flat on his back. Ha ha! Master of the obvious (part 2)
I don't know what else he'd do with it Yup. It's a block. Get that evil tree!
I'm amazed Nintendo allowed this language That shroom's looking at Mario Even the blocks attack you here
Helpful hints Master of the obvious (part 3) Goomba vs. Goomba
It burns! Goombas of DOOM Level up
I hate it when that happens Teenage Mutant Ninja Koopas Crazy old man
He really doesn't care "They'll never find me in here!" Mario and his friend
On top of a mountain Even stars can make bad puns If he went to bed at a normal time, this wouldn't happen
Kooper enters the scene Yes, it IS nice Nothing more need be said
Mario can't see the forest for the trees Pop quiz, hotshot Fire's probably the wrong thing to use on Bob-ombs
Out of breath yet? Free your mind Sparkly!
Princess is heavier than she looks My eyes! Umm...the bed's farther down
Mario becomes a train robber On your left, you'll see desert. And on your right, you'll see...more desert.
Ex-con Cash would work Mario gets a lift
Places you just don't want to be Oasis, or mirage? Blocks defy gravity, once again
Playing cards Item select Bubbles of death
You are here About time Could the music be that bad?
11.11.2000 Even More Gameplay Screens
A canopy bed Loveable 2D Bowser He appears to be playing without a full deck..
Bowser threatens with his star-on-a-stick Even some 2D flameage Lightning
Star conspiracy My thoughts exactly "Goomba goomba! }8I"
Bowser's place The star is kinda cute Peach takes up ballroom dancing
Mario looks intrigued They look friendly Mario and a plotting goomba
"Excuse me, I seem to have lost my face.."    
08.14.2000 Even More Gameplay Screens Source:IGN
Surprise Landing Flying castle
A close-up Goombas! Stars
On a whale A train station Attacking a giant bird
Calling a friend This can't be good  
08.13.2000 More Gameplay Screens Source:Core Magazine
Mario's got a shadow Are Bob-ombs considered carry-on? Just what is that koopa looking at?
The speech bubbles further the comic book-look BONK! Step right up!
06.29.2000 Gameplay Screens Source:GIA
A temple Bowser isn't THAT scary Pick a card...any card!
I stole your wand! Firey Breath Lightning Strikes
Seven more stars! Toad chats it up I am Goomba, hear me ROAR!
A New Castle? Princess and a star Kinda dark!
Talkin' Many a shroom Walkin' in the dark
Lots of chattin' Old Mushroom? Hopping around
WHAP! Nice house Watch your head
Whammo! Movie theatre? I bet you have to hit that switch!
ATTACK! Adding the damage up Lotso switches
Is that a key I see? Jumping bullets! Ready, aim, FIRE!
Menu Map  
05.27.2000 E3 screenss Source: Nintendo
Luigi and Mario King of the goombas Winter wonderland
Town square    
08.30.1999 New screenss! Source: IGN
Talking to a Koopa Goomba pancake At the beach
Princess in the library Castle courtyard Bowser, yet again
Mario driving a train Thumping a tree Combat menu
Poochy! The bridge guard Squishing koopa troopas
Haunted forest Living tree Talking to a local
King Goomba Inside a house Outside a barn
Goomba gets stopped    
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