Mario and Luigi - Screen Shots
09.22.2003 Screeny McScreen
Familiar Faces Title Screen Loading Files
Mario Gets Squashed Mario Gets Steamed Open Invitation
Mine Cart Ride Successful Run Swag Awaitsy
Mystery Item Hammer Action Cry From Afar
An Oversight! Timing is Everything Personalized Book
Dizzy Enemies Victory Using Hammers Ready...
Smash! Oddly Smashed Not Good News
Anything But That! Saving New Location Who is it?
Who is it Again? ..Who is it? Identified
Boing, Boing Mario Levels Up Adding Bonuses
Luigi Levels Up New Stats Await Mario Plumbing
Mushroom Goodness Fawful English Possession Being 9/10ths?
Defeated the Boss Luigi Pokes Luigi Pokes Again
09.22.2003 New screens The Magic Box
Fanfare in a box Toadstool's ... explosive exclamations Pick a goomba, any goomba
Cowardice strictly prohibited Best. Rocking chair. Ever. Luigi at the lead
That's some evil cackling Not looking too enthusiastic Evil, thy face is ugly
Toad explains the commands Bowser lays down some ground rules
05.15.2002 E3 Screens
None shall pass! The jump-rope brothers The park of brotherly love
Combat, plumber style. "If we look bigger, we can scare them away!"
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