Magna Carta - Screen Shots
01.28.2002 First Screens
Calintz waxes nostalgic Run through the gate What's that guy looking at?
Yes, I would love to break some bones Detailed architecture Adora stares into your soul
Nervously standing about Ready for battle A dimly lit corridor
Outdoor shrine Lighting up Battle clad
Lots of HP An odd monster It's got horns!
Ring of light Pillar of flame Ancient forest temple
Ornamentation Ruins Big torches
Who's there? Exploring a flame-lit room Pick a fight
Determination So clownish Praying at the sanctuary
Pick up the arrow! Stats About town
On the stairs A long dirt road Gloomy forest
You got a super cool treasure of some sort! In battle Shards of ice
Localized explosion Pretty sparkles Intimidation
Freaky hair After battle Blinding light
In front of the foliage Seated discussion On the floor
Locked gate On the floor together From the bottom looking up
Runic circles Holding the power BOOM
Special effects Behind the dragon In front of the dragon
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