Lunar Legend - Screen Shots
04.12.2002 Actual Screens
Walking away from the world I am unto a god! A golden montage
Sword in a stone Nall floats, ready to annoy Ramus fills the screen
Luna poses by the water Nash gives a vulgar hand gesture to the camera Center of attention
A scary cave Talking by torchlight Ghaleon talks to Luna
Something's fishy On board a ship Foggy forest
Standing on a pentagram A bunch of enemies attack Pirate battle
Fighting a really big enemy Status effects On the world map
A giant dragon in battle Shock! The obligatory scantily-clad women
11.10.2001 Firt Look  IGN
Under a starry sky Nash lashes out Luna and Co.
Battle animation Awesome visuals Travelling with Nall
A poignant moment Conversing with a dragon Back in the village
Nall attacks... ...continued Gabbing with your pal
A stroll in the woods A break in the action Luna struts her stuff
Chatting with Luna Nash being...well, Nash A huff?
Nall offers insight Nice big text boxes More of Nash
Alex and Luna This could be...bad
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