Preview: Lunar 2: Eternal Blue

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue


Beautiful anime scenes

Ruby: The pink Nall

Beastial boy

Cute girls abound

Godess in a crystal

Laid back attitude

The hero: Hiro

Return to the world of Lunar 1000 years later for a new story, still filled with anime goodness.
Platform: PlayStation
Developer: Game Arts
Publisher: Working Designs
Rated Teen: Mild animated violence and suggestive themes

    Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete is the second chapter of Game Arts' pride and joy to receive a 32-bit facelift for the Playstation. Like its predecessor, the graphics of Lunar 2 still look like the original Sega CD version for the most part. Also like Lunar:SSSC however, a large amount of anime cutscenes have been added, along with a few improved special effects.

    The most noticeable difference between Lunar 2 and the original is the sheer size of the world. The entire setting of the original game comprises only about one fifth of Lunar 2's world. The terrain is also much more varied, with deserts and jungles scattered about rather than the standard forests and caves that comprise most of the original's world.

    Although the world is larger, it does not show the fact that thousand years have passed since the events in the first Lunar. No real increase in technology exists to destroy the pleasant fantasy setting. In fact, the only real sign that some time has passed is the church. While the religion of Lunar was a benign set of views, Lunar 2 introduces an evil church, charging money to visit the goddess statues which would otherwise provide free healing.

    Combat in Lunar 2 is a somewhat novel experience. While the basic mechanics are the same old school turn based style as the original, two new elements spice things up. First is Ruby, the baby red dragon taking the place of Nall from the original. Rather than occasionally waking the dead as Nall did, Ruby will randomly fly up and attack monsters doing a small amount of damage. Next is Lucia, a magic user whose power grows as the story progresses rather than traditional experience. While she can't be controlled by the player, she casts spells constantly without ever running out of MP. Between these two, even when fighting defensively, a sizable amount of damage is dealt to your enemies. Working Designs has also included an option this time to disable voice clips during battles, making bosses much easier on one's ears.

    In addition to a long well written story full of anime cutscenes and very old school gameplay spanning three discs, those who purchase Lunar 2 will receive: A shiny cardboard box. A soundtrack CD. A Making of Lunar 2 CD. A paper map. A hardbound instruction manual. A replica of Lucia's pendant. Finally, for those who preordered, a Ghalleon Punching Puppet.

    Lunar 2 is shipping to stores at this very moment, so if you like the touching storylines only Game Arts can create, and the first rate translations of Working Designs, rush out and grab a copy. Oh, and yes, for the record, the bromides and bath house are back.

by Jake Alley

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