Lunar 2: Eternal Blue - Screen Shots
5.12.2000 English E3 2000 Screens  
Althena on ice Is that the hero? Evil lookin' lady.
Sitting and having a drink *THUD* It's a cat-man!
She's friendly looking Boomerang, attack! The dice of destiny
Ronfar's a filthy dog! Odds or evens?! And so the tale is told...
The over-world map Idle threats fool no one Surrounded! Oh no!
I'd be cautious here.. Stand and fight the evil! Plasma Rain attack!
Yes, yes. Let us go. Aww... A boy and his dragon. Kill de slime!
Nice lookin' fountain It's a Sand Cyclops! Yes, yes. More idle threats.
Crack in ground..bad. Stepping stones; don't slip! It's Meribia! Remember Meribia?
Freeze Trap...ouch. Dancing Vultures? This looks like a tough fight.
A strong wind attack Lucia...don't jump! A rural village.
Lady Lemina speaks out! The party--in jail. Dead end.
So good to be back in Meribia.    
3.08.2000 PSX Screens- English  
Shrine to Althena Fight in the Blue Spire tower Door to the Blue Spire tower
How romantic... Not-so-humble Jean? Ever observant Ruby...
In the city "Pretty pink pal" Rumors...
Kitchens and character menus Hiro, party of four? "...never, ever mention what you just saw"
Poor Lucia... "...the essence of evil." Evil planty thing
Fighting the evil planty thing "Th-there it is!" Evil planty thing revisited
Hiro in the desert Jean learns a new spell! Bath house scene detected!
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