Lufia: The Legend Returns - Screen Shots
07.28.2001 Lot's of Screens  
Boarding the Boat Say what? In a garden
I don't get it Explaining it I got it!
In a building A bedroom Why are they in a bedroom?
Gotta be a bad guy More bad guy Change of scenery
Will shouting help? It might just Or maybe not
He really likes to talk I like the decor More exposition?
This look important He's back This can't be good
He likes to hear the sound of his voice This can't be good Deciding Something
The First town A nice house in the first town What always happens to the house
I wonder if they made it out? He's back Who is this guy?
A nice peaceful village A decision is made Inside the House
Who's tower is it anyway? A map Another Map
I think it's a map A boss.... no it's a map
05.18.2001 E3 2001 Screens  
Avast, ye scurvy dogs Nine peoples' stats Gates of a castle
Dungeon crawling Overworld crags Fountain of youth water
The Tower of Death! Peaceful village scene Victory seems unlikely
Intriguing architecture A couple large statues More dungeon madness
Detailed statistics Well, a water ship couldn't reach here... it must be this!
03.10.2001 2 New Screens... 1 Image... GIA
One is a game screen as you get off a boat, the other is from a battle screen
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