Lufia & The Fortress of Doom - Screen Shots
02.03.2004 Nostalgia-inducing screens
Title screen History of the world ... Abridged
A call to arms Hopes of the people A solemn promise
Fufillment Not finished yet Confessions
A titular greeting Worry Treasure
Suffering from poisoning Sheran Exposition
Stronger than yesterday (*clap clap*) A stern rebuke The prelude starts to make sense
Mmm... pie... Walking away Bevy of baddies
Flash! Leveling, leveling Smack
Key to the castle Heroic responsibilities Description
Flippy flippy Royal parade I AM EVIL
An unpleasant title He's big Ominous speech
Good ol' Dew. Nothin' beats Dew. A familiar old man Much to be done
Sleeping on the job Blasted by a bat Befuddled
At the harbor Surprised Selecting magical doom
Bad news Saving Outnumbered
Slash Greeny earns his keep Awfully small island...
...With some mean inhabitants Keep on truc^H^H^H^H sailin' Getting some new threads
That's a lot of ia's Can we? Can we? Love hurts... the pocketbook
Always with the pastry Apathy's latest victim Grenoble
Lots of stuff in this room Mmm... chest... Aww
Giving a bath Menu Can't say I've ever had grilled newt
He'll be the talk of the town Okay, so some of these are a little out of order Doesn't look like a jellyfish to me
That must be one of them magic mushrooms Shaky Healing
Dodged that bullet Floaty chick How appropriate
Striking it rich Spending labor's fruits Equipping
Revised 02.03.04 Assorted screenies.
Aguro The Hero Jerin
Lufia Amon Daos
Erim Gades Statues
Sinistrals Battle vs. Sinistrals
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