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Shadow Hearts: From the New World - Screen Shots
03.28.2005 A Fresh Look Game Watch
Wheel....of....Fortune! Johnny is prepared to take on any mugger Then he meets The Penguin on the streets of Gotham
Shania smirks Quite the attractive couple I was just feeding the pigeons, honest
Why must the customers come at such inconvenient hours? Quick, turn on the Bat Signal One must have good balance to try such a feat
Mysterious silhouettes Shania ponders jumping Eyes wide shut
She puts on quite the tantalizing number
03.18.2005 First Totally Cool Screens ITmedia
Johnny Garland in a room Contrary to popular belief, judo was quite popular in the '20s "Don't follow the light!"
"SURPRISE!!!" New York in purple I get the feeling he's not looking at the city...
Wish I could score that on a calculus test Hatchets and symbols Shania and symbols
Johnny and symbols Musclebound dude and symbols Skull and symbols
Camera-shy dude and symbols Huh? This isn't Xenosaga... Zoning out
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