Shadow Hearts II - Screen Shots
09.29.2004 Post-release Screen Update
Oh, "That" is a flashlight! Put down the lightsaber Quick..... their demands are finger nail clippers
You're getting sleepy. Very sleepy. Mmmmmm, Harmonixoring is fun Maybe they're vampires and that light will take care of things
Bullenfogel of course Judgement Ring all the way Karin and Blanca on your side
Eight of them!! Perfect Judgement Ring use Soul Comet attack
Hmmm, it's about time to Harmonixorize Attack with this giant board or use magic.... Magic it is Soul Charge now
Someone is using armor to make up for something Being a Harmonixor... The Spelling of Irony Perfect button pressing
Sparklers are pretty
07.29.2004 More Screens IGN
They must not shake hands much Afternoon fire I'm fine...really
Lesser known side effect of constipation My my, how bile shines through his transparent neck
07.12.2004 Battles and FMVs
This can't be good Like the Hindenberg! She looks a bit evil
He's evil. "I've fallen and can't get up!" Docking the airship?
A nice view of town. Throwing a box "So... shiny..."
The tree sees all Reflections of a shattered mind Nekkid ghosts
More fallen people Super Saiyan Yuri A wolf and his owner
"Don't leave me!" Looks like Sephiroth Bellydancing with cards
Timing your hits Critical hit 72! That had to hurt
Foot to face technique More hit timings
02.17.2004 Batch of Screens Softbank Games
Two Goods Battle menu Time out your attacks
Hit Surround them Geppetto and his Doll
Big blue Critical! Strike the pose
He's up to two hits now What's she up too? Planning
The group Throwing a box will hurt What do you see in this picture?
To the next town You suck, you missed Slamming at three hits
Group attack Two team attack
09.29.2003 Even More Screens
Awww you broke the combo meter.... A nice girl? guy? Whistling the time away
ARRRGH!!! We summon the green!!!! Hold me!
Huh? These are my x-ray specs Blanc in motion
Where is the bathroom? That was an antique window!! Don't look now, but I think there's a demon behind me
07.11.2003 More Screens
A town in the mountains. Armed soldiers. More soldiers.
Infiltrating the church yard. Ready! Breaking and entering.
Waiting in the shadows. What's going on? A huge demon.
Falling? A strange mist.
06.26.2003 First Screens
What to do? Combo Trial. Looking good.
En garde. A flash back. WWI?
Searching everywhere. Who could that be? Demon attack from above.
She's up to something.
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