Shadow Hearts - Screen Shots
12.29.2001 Game Screens
Tents and wells Eh, it's alright, I guess ...That's the greatest reason ever for not eating someone
He does have a trench coat This guy has an attitude problem Status screen
Score screen Map of Asia Hey buddy, you ok?
How existential Meanwhile, at the local bordello... Bird's eye view
Standing at attention Beautiful music More beautiful music
Title screen Before sunrise is the same as after sundown Editorializing the facts
Very suspicious Train ride One of life's difficult choices
Shop screen Funereal mood How true
Torchlit walkway Go for it Map of Europe
That is the largest nose I have ever seen! At church Out in the courtyard
So that's what an acupuncturist does So...many...stairs... This is why I never go to the library
This is under "Valuables," huh? Keith's status Post-battle screen
Space demon Alternate dimensions Monster killing
Floating wheel    
07.06.2001 Battle Screens
Fists vs. Scythe Lens flare...indoors Fog of DOOM
Sparkly spell effects At the bottom of a staircase I'm willing to bet those frogs are poisonous
A flaming enemy Ahhh...oh wait, ouch! Don't ask where that gas came from
Flying rocks    
05.07.2001 Fusion Monsters
Selecting the demon's moves Swirling with power Supposedly, that's a super tiger
He's stoned (ouch) Giant wingspan Hit with a blade of wind
Bring it, punk Bubbles of DOOM Flaming pillars of death
Burn for eternity Angel of death Full party recovery
First Screens
Flashback to a time before color All aboard! Did I leave the oven on?
The wheel of destiny How can you have motion blur when you're standing still? Fear me
Nice shot, demon guy Put this one in the creepy column Lining up your soul
A colorful graveyard Things you don't want to see when in a graveyard If only it were that easy
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