Koudelka - Screenshots
05.23.2000 E3 Screens!
An ominous scene Look out, Koudelka! "Let's search around a bit."
The three main characters Don't fall, Koudelka! What shall we cook?
Interesting garden What IS that?! "I...I'll..shoot!"
01.09.2000 Some More Screens Source: PSX IGN
Attack it! Backing away... A supply room
Koudelka goes defensive A black ball of matter ROAR!!
Bugs... Crispy critter! "Hello. And you are?"
Powerful sword attack "Anyone in here...?" Extra crispy critter
A myriad of lights Non damaging attack Healing the..enemies?
An MP attack? Quite a large..plant Koudelka close-up
James' stats More bugs Posing with her sword
Who's she talking to? That's a large sword... "Shall we go?"
That's an old house... Move, hopefully away A well armed group
Many stairs How will she get out? Nothing good in that room
More stairs Frightening What an odd garden
A special attack Powering up One on one
"Some bug spray, please?" The critter dies A red flash attack
She has a gun! A well-lit room Don't hurt Koudelka!
Duck! Very good defense A green hillside
Gorgeous landscape A greenhouse? How is he doing that?
Take the ladder out! Run away!  
12.21.1999 Brand New Screen Source: Sacnoth
A nice shot of the status screen.
12.19.1999 Even More Screens
In battle Dodging a beam Looking down
An old staircase An ornate staircase An ancient dagger
A workshop In the workshop A savepoint
Another example    
09.19.1999 More Screens Source:
Walking with friends Down a hallway Sophisticated weaponry
Close-up wounds Mr Burns Sophisticated women
Screen Shots
Edward, James, and Koudelka A gate A bloodied guillotine
A town Edward A winged enemy
highly decorated room Koudelka casts a spell Armory
Lightning strikes An earthquake spell Koudelka
Edward Father James O'Flaherty Koudelka
Edward James Koudelka
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