King's Field IV - Screen Shots
12.05.2001 Small Screens
A wooden shield. Or a coconut. A bow A blocked path
Hitting something with something else Strange lights Venturing into darkness
Talking to ugly people Fighting even uglier monsters An ugly light
Text Mysterious signs Wooden... things
Shining in the Darkness Color-blind mode Fat and hot enemies
Blacksmith Lava Oh no! More lava
Even more lava. Oh, and a sword. Flames of fury Wielding a crossbow
Unindentified critters A fine blade An ancient map
A purple eye A bridge Purple skulls
More ugly people An altar in the next room It's a sign!
It's another sign! It's... a corridor! A mean-looking warrior
A helmet
11.03.2000 First Look Source: IGN
River of fire White light A corridor
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