Jade Cocoon 2 - Character Profiles

Jade Cocoon 2 Welcome to RPGamer's overview of the main characters in Jade Cocoon 2. Taking place hundreds of years after the original Jade Cocoon game, a menace rises again to threaten the balance within the holy temples, forests, and even the world. Kalma, a new, deadly parasite, turns the animals into monstrous minions, and threatens to wipe out the delicate balance of good and evil. You, as Kahu, must forge ahead with your trusted trained minions, and seek out an Orb from each of the four Cocoon Masters.

As this game takes place in the same world as Jade Cocoon, you will find in each profile a 'Predecessor'. This is whom the character in Jade Cocoon 2 relates most to from the original game.
Kahu Nico Cure
Nam Levant Kalma

by Anna Marie Whitehead    

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