Harvest Moon: Mineral Town - Screen Shots
01.08.2004 English Screens
Time to fish Zack collects at 5pm Beehive Treasure
"You are a chickenhead" Saving the game The Fridge
Caring for the puppy Pedometer Smashing a rock
Choosing the brush Vache Barn Feed
"I hooked something!" Whats's the catch Home Improvements
Mining Minerals A baby chick Blacksmith's wares
Cliff reminisces Visiting the doctor A hint!
TV shopping channel Sleeping on the job Not Much...
Big money At a glance Milking away
Fruits of Labour In the doghouse Not exactly KFC
Restaurant menu Typical feline Future Bride
Not a future bride Chopping Lumber Ahhh...relaxing
Checking the weather Mining gems Future Bride 2?
Bleh! Sick Tossing gems away Into the mines...
SMASH Beginner's Rucksack Spring crops
Clearing the overgrowth Corn Mill Future wife 3?
Reading a book Already married
02.16.2003 First Screens
Stats screen It's the seven dwarfs Planting some turnips
Mushrooms Go Seabiscuit! A plowed field
Fetch! Chicken fight A baby chick
Down by the river A bridge not so far And me without a fishing pole
Lots of veggies Moo Baa
Nice house Say ahhh Lots and lots of veggies
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