Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life For Girls - Screen Shots
05.23.05 E3 Screens
The tomato makes it all better Harvesting fresh tomatoes Melon AND watermelon?
Sixteen mushrooms You're welcome? A girl's best friend
Talk to the cow Hay hay hay! Yes, a blue feather
A pleasant ride Riding the forest trail "But mom, I don't want to take piano lessons!"
Cheerful hello Lelia is obviously pleased Discussing the finer points of farming
What do you want to do? I thought we already established this Gustafa is concerned
Two of a kind Hello, hello again That's a lot of sunflowers...
The Ban Shop The cow is hungry Irritation at dusk
I want happy-face overalls! Napping at the controller The girls gather in the attic to gossip
Stormy weather Gorgeous blue skies Someone's in a huffy mood today
Hard work? The scarecrow is the only one actually working More riding
Watering by moonlight Cows love to be talked to, apparently Working in the 11:17AM
Coo quack cluck "Oh mom, cow print is so last season!" A tiny orchard
A shipping box? Baaaa ram ewe! Three odd townsfolk
How romantic A cute little toddler Baby talk
Wuv Family moments More greetings
Pasture-ized milk Fashionable turtle
06.29.04 First Screens
Chicken chicken chicken duck chicken No, don't throw the baby in the water! ...or down the hill.
...or down some stairs? Growing old Heading into town
Everyone has really long shoes Playing some music Tossing the baby around
Leaving the baby home alone. What great parents. Dancing with the puppy Riding the horse around
Her head is going to explode The Fonz heads out after his date with another girl A duel in town square
What happens when you leave the baby at home alone Old lady draining the life out of the elves Old lady mistakes turtle for husband
They will never detect me in my bee camouflage She just got dumped. Has anyone seen my wife?
The Fonz dumps another girl Still playing music Waterfall
She missed a spot There's that crazy duck again It's one of those funhouse mirrors
I think it might start raining soon Good ol' southern discipline Giving your kid "the talk"
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