Harvest Moon - Screen Shots
02.20.2003 More Screens
Lifting wood everyday is my exercise Hey it's my first day Better get more wood
Heave ho That is a heavy rock I found a mole on my land
I'm too tired to work Ahh, a new day Two rows done
I wish I had a plow Now to plant these Better get some water
Can't give them too much water WOW Look what I found. Come on boy, let's go for a late night walk
Time for bed I wonder what's up here? My mountain hike
I wonder if this tastes any good? What a great looking cow Ahh, how relaxing
Chopping down trees is tough Great! I find something I want and can't get it So flowers grow at the end of this cave
I wonder what's on TV The front gate Yeah yeah whatever, I'm going to take a nap
Fishing Look at the fist I caught Who'd have though I'd find this here?
Look! Birds on my walkway They are starting to grow Time to pray
I'll wash your back if you wash mine YAY It's going to rain What are you building?
For you I'd do anything Good I don't have to water the plants Time to pick what I've been growing
I grew some potatoes This is a BIG mug A ride to town
I'm feeling kinda tipsy Chores are done for the day Jumping the fence
What happend to the lady? These plants are starting to grow Cutting the grass
The last one to pick Once shipped, I'm finished for the day Just read her diary right in front of her
Been drinking a little early? A fortuneteller Bye Mom and Dad
What should I use? I have a lot of work to do Time for lunch
03.07.2002 Various Screens
You'd better feed them livestock, young'un! Dancing A nice, small home
On second thought, maybe it's not so nice... It's raining; it's pouring! Beating a rock with a hammer.
The house has enlarged! A gesture of goodwill, or a Mafia tradition? A flower shop!
Wandering around
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