.hack//Mutation - Screen Shots
05.29.2003 E3 Screens
Choose a keyword Great Sled Dog, a new monster. Slow down
I can Data Drain now No mail is worth logging off It's a box!
A weak creature. Umm enough talking Draw your sword
Uhh no problem Ice! Tiger Spin
We're all going to die Don't give it a chance to recover You can't confuse us now
Equipment menu Only two new letter What!?
Do you like my helmet? A city on fire Lets dance
It's flying Don't talk to me
05.04.2003 More Screens IGN
What's up? The sky, it's so dark. Lets dance.
Traffic Jam. The end of my blade. Look what I found.
I'm... too... slow... Roaming the Sky City. You've got mail!
Yes. Very icky. But I don't want too. :( Log in.
No time to check out the boards. Two new emails. What's he looking at?
Lets zoom out a bit. Name input. Scenes flash by.
09.05.2002 First Screens Sugoi!
A giant hourglass Standing in a cathedral Ohh! The blurriness!
An interface screen Another look at the interface Checking email
A distressed, scantily-clad woman Selecting something in the field Guarding the enterance at night
The gates close Another yummy interface screen "I can't see with this big hat on!"
"Could you turn off the flourescent lighting?" Weapons drawn The land of magical floating people
Looking rather dirty A man steps through the portal "Oww! Darn papercuts!"
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