.hack//Infection - Screen Shots
02.11.2003 A Few More Screens
How peaceful This is a bad street to be on Your fly is open
Everything I own is hacked In the middle of a wasteland Who needs armor when you have a sword this big
I need to go to the bathroom first Stay behind me so I don't accidentally hit you ATTACK!
Another newbie In deep thought Want to be my slave?
I know I saw something *Gasp* It's the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man Hurry up and log out!
Feel my power OK, I'm officially lost Kiss and make up
See, I'm taller then you It's not everyday you see a player that is a rabbit I need a good luck charm
Let's have a man to man talk Hmmm, I forgot which spell I was going to use Oops, I went on the wrong server
Your head and my ax Did you say something?  
07.09.2002 First English Screens
Babbling during battle The World In-game email program
Evening in the town A weapons cache Speech bubbles play a part in battles
Ready to pass through a portal A status screen More of the game's interface
This appears to be setting up battle strategies A message from The World Navigating through the plains
Ready for some desert skirmishes Something is glowing in that sinkhole "What's that floating in the air?"
Hot hot hot! A very large airship? Or a floating continent?  
07.01.2002 Even more screens
"Mirror mirror on the wall..." Apparently immune to lava "Can we please get away from the liquid hot magma?"
Outnumbered in battle Burnt to a crisp A menu screen
05.27.2002 E3 Screens
Monsters in the snow Interesting structure E-mail program
The World Blinded by light Grasped
Infected by a virus Japanese menu Kite looks determined
03.06.2002 More Screens Magic Box, The Sugoi
Again with the symbolism Wheels within wheels Threatening posture
Menu screen Luminescent Condescending manner
The lava fields The flame walls Swordsman battle
Amiable discussion Battle, maybe Crowded screen
Oh, the choices Watch where you point that thing  
02.06.2002 A couple screens impress Watch
Pointing in its face! A view of his surroundings
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