Golden Sun: The Lost Age - Screen Shots
04.17.2003 English Screens GameSpot
You were worried for me? She kicked me where no one should be kicked I'll ruff you up
In a dark cave I can finally heal myself Oohhh a boat
With what? You sick old man >.> It appeared out of nowhere!
No! No I don't! Mountains are helpful Something is wrong
Searching around Good Djinni Great! I take 2 steps out of town and what do I find
Good thing we ran Psh Giant Bats are nothing She's too quick for these monsters
A shine of some kind Who should I be caught by? Umm, No
AHH She's a witch Jenna, the girl who can take care of herself See?
Fire good That was a tough puzzle The glory of battle
NO!! Don't cast Ray! I only have one summon Since when did mountains have puzzles?
Ummm It won't live through that The ship again
3 vs 1 Where's the challenge? Unleash the summon They can heal each other?
Indecision Wait. We're in a lighthouse? I'm officially lost
Deja vu Enter if you dare Who are you again?
Way too slow Take that! Stairs in a cave?
06.26.2002 More Screens  
An ancient totem pole Congrats! A Wind Djinn joins you! A (non) dysfunctional family
Burn baby burn! Another Djinn awaits Yet another town square
Neon Light Attack! In Golden Sun 2: Tornado != Flying Cows Lush tropical paradise
Some kind of ghost attack Casting an overworld spell "Mind if I spend the night?"
Another wicked battle spell "I'm going to sue the guy who made this bridge!" A little shack, guarded by two
Finally! A defensive spell! Happy Independence Day!  
05.22.2002 E3 Screens  
Sailing the ocean blue Rub-a-dub-dub " .... "
Cool cave That guy must like purple Walking mechanically
Now we get to the good stuff Massive purple energy thingy *slice* Nice particle effects
An RPG just isn't complete without one    
05.21.2002 First Screens IGN
Lunar Reflections Fist Psynergy Crossing a deep canyon
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