Grandia Xtreme - Screen Shots
07.01.2002 More High-Res Screens
"You don't look 21 to me kid!" Someone did 84 damage Beams of light
Standing in a village Does this fight look unfair?  
02.12.2002 Post-Release Screens TheGIA
A view from above town A look into the city Ready for battle
A cliff A land of fire Strange symbols
Fleeing! Taking in the sights Strand of energy
Standing before a wall Flying to the heavens Above the treetops
Menu screen Chatting it up Exiting a house
Inside the library Noogie! Talking to a pretty lady
Standing beside the river A couple strange-looking buildings Backed against a wall
Victory! Taking some damage Ascending a ladder
Attack! A blast of energy The map
Status A field of energy 'shrooms!
A blinding flash! Heavy damage Intimidation, anyone?
02.07.2002 Some More Screens
Standing before a desk and an old man Prices Standing outside
A field of energy A blast The shape of the fire looks almost human..
A magic shop, perhaps? Using an item A big blast of fire!
A menu of some sort Sitting down at the dinner table
02.02.2002 An Assortment of New Screens The Magic Box
Looking smug A powerful spell Confronted!
Discussion Not what I'd call an easy fight He ain't movin'
Sitting down Raining fire Spider-like, almost
A crossroads Near the entrance Music!
A powerful blast A mystical place Blinding light
About to swing Danger: High Voltage Some concentrated lightning
An excellent hit Facing off Trouble is brewing...
Heading towards a strange place
11.05.2001 More New Screens
Underwater travel The sun is about to hit the earth! From below
11.05.2001 Some New Screens The Magic Box
Dramatic attack Taking a time out for the camera Still more fighting
Ahh, delicious grog Is that a lot? Slashing
Lightning bubble Victory pose BEWARE THE GIANT LEG!
10.08.2001 Preview Screens Famitsu Weekly
Running Down a Path Power Attack In Battle
Preparing for a Special Special Beam Cannon!  
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