Grandia 2 - Screen Shots
12.21.2001 Tons of PC Screens
Walking... ...walking At the moat
Back to the door A room... ...and another one
Still in the room Battling xenomorph-like baddies Ryudo joins the fray
The battles begins Pink fury
Throwdown in the quad Elena focuses... ...charges...
...and lets loose Roan climbs in Ryudo looses a special...
...leaving the foes foiled An army gathers Cave running
More cave running And some more Which results in a fight
The... ...battle... ...carries...
...on Purple lightning Four Ryudos?
Ryudo... ...strikes... ...back
Tio... ...kicks... ...some ass
Maregg... ...attacks... ...then relaxes
Dinner time Night walking Another confrontation
Closer... ...closer... It's go-time
Ryudo poses Flame pillar Knight stalking
Alhealer Ah, much better Ring on the ground
Checking out the carnage Elena in a tower And the guards approach
The party nears An ominous eclipse Ouch
Boss battle commences Ryudo... ...throws down
Fire attack Elena radiates Yowza, that's bright
The boss... ...strikes out Burnflame
Tio climbs in with little effect More bright lights
Now that's an attack Def-loss Flying Tenseiken
Ryudo delivers again Black Fog Spew Forboding
Uh-oh Boss feels the hurt ...moreso
12.21.2001 Smorgasbord of PS2 Screens
Mmm...mist. Fire bombing Howlslash
Millenia strikes Millenia basks Whale-rodeo
Yay, non-random encounters Now that's a crystal ball Inside the ball
Nearing the edge Battle ahead Ryudo is an X-Man?
Charging up Into the eye A spooky encounter
The eye... ...awakens Crack in the egg
Evil eyes Stick a needle in your eye Dragon-rise
Her again? The plot thickens
08.11.2000 Spoonful of Screens Source: Daily Radar
Burn to a crisp! Fight Post-battle
08.04.2000 Gameplay Screens Source: IGN
Big Tongue Attack Bubble Attack! Chatting
Talking at the table A tavern A colourful town
Meeting in town Casting a spell A cool airship
Airport Having a meal A private conversation
Camping out Smash the rock! Attacking the enemy
Defying the climate This doesn't look good CG Ryoko
An odd building Checking out a...thing Wandering in the forest
Fighting two big guys Um...he looks hungry A big rock
Attack! Casting a fire spell Watch out behind you!
Why aren't you running away??? Walking in town with a...turtle? Checking stats after battle
Cool effects! A mirage attack? Fire attack
A very strong attack it looks like GAH! Cute creature!!!  
07.05.2000 Small Gameplay Screens Source: Core Magazine
Jumping on a boat Standing outside of a house A big boulder
Some cone-shaped prism A group of adventurers Not really sure what to think of this...
06.26.2000 More Gameplay Scenes Source: Daily Radar
Slashing a...something More Slashing!!
Might want to aim higher.... Whack the snake Battling in a field
Dragon, perhaps? Nice Carpet Weapon Shop
Sit and Relax! A Meeting Item Shop?
A brightly lit building Don't cross the guards During the day
12.25.2000 Large Gameplay Screens Source: God Mars Sky
Running through a bar The town scene KABLAM!
Birdie in a marble Glows in the dark!  
12.20.2000 Gameplay Screens Source: Gamespot
Trotting along Beautiful 3D scenes Um... ow.
Chatting with the locals Battle scene Fear the special effects
True shadows! Not much of a bridge Burn, baby, burn
12.02.1999 First Screens
The camera rotates around characters conversing at a table
The battle system, perhaps?
A colorful town
Battle shots - 2 - 3 - 4