Grandia 2 - Movies
12.21.2001 PC and PS2 Movies  
PC - Specials 10.0 MB
PS2 - Aria 13.7 MB
12.05.2000 Movies newer than all the ones below here!  
Impressive trailer 10,935 KB
Combat footage 6,022 KB
11.21.2000 Even more movies Source: IGN
Flying frenzy, and scaly foes 13,298 KB
Pecking order 8,188 KB
Bickering about nothing 11,859 KB
Dinner conversation 4,605 KB
Must be a long dinner 7,558 KB
A third dinner chat 8,263 KB
11.08.2000 Still more movies Source: IGN
Strolling around town 8,237 KB
Fire bird spell 5,116 KB
Lots of aciton in this battle 6,995 KB
energy spell 4,380 KB
08.24.2000 Various Large Movies Source: Daily Radar
Walking around town, then listening to a song. 2 min, 08 secs 21.2 MB
Grandia II's full introduction sequence. 4 min, 17 secs 42.7 MB
Great battle scene with a single spider. 1 min, 12 secs 12.0 MB
08.04.2000 Gameplay Movies Source: IGN
Inside and outside of battle 11.8 KB
Simple gameplay puzzles 5.2 KB
Battling monsters 9.51 KB
A lookover of a town 14.4 KB
Introduction of the promotional video. 11,146 KB
04.14.2000 New TGS Movies Source: Daily Radar
Background information. 9,981 KB
Various battle scenes boasting impressive attacks. 12,067 KB
An introduction of the title's characters. 14,165 KB
Various towns and dungeons. 6,312 KB
Introduction of the promotional video. 11,146 KB
04.05.2000 TGS '00 Footage (Spring)
Grandia 2 in action, from the Tokyo Games Show! 22,364 KB
02.10.2000 First Movie
Game Play 5,381K
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