Gothic II - Screen Shots
09.25.2003 Mood Shots
It'! Creepy forest...keep an eye out for ROUS's Mysteeeeerious
01.16.03 High Quality Screens
Countryside stair stepping A lost knight Wow, he's still lost!
Don't you wish your town looked like this? Sweeping view Further back from the city
When good rocks go bad Bustling harbor Someone woke him from his nap!
08.21.2002 More Screens  
Cuttin' a log Medieval pimping Standing under a large tree
Walking to the campsite "Is this a bad time to drop by?" A cozy little house
Standing around Traversing the beaten path Fully armored and ready to kick butt
He should cut the grass with that broadsword A dark cave "Which way is the Ye Olde Kwik E Mart again?"
Standing guard Crossing a bridge Paying a visit to Brian
The beautiful countryside Taking a swig of some booze Knight training
Stretching out    
05.14.2002 First Screens GamePort
Rain in the hills A wolf draws near! Heading up the path
The wolf attacks! That's one nasty-looking bug Heading over the bridge
Stopping halfway The lovely sky
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