Cross Gate - Screen Shots
11.08.2003 TGS Screens
Rock Town Blow the goblins away Guild Stats
It's the overly complex power plant Whirlwind attack take 2 Peace out
Turtle power
10.18.2003 Official Screens
Get away, these are all mine Go forth my army and destroy Turn 1
Party at town square Crowded outside of town Alone in dungeon
Character stats Everyone say Cheese! Ranked by hair colour and gender
Walking through a new house In the bedroom Thats a nifty crystal you have there
In the middle of nowhere she found... a conga line Synchronized fainting Where's waldo?
I'm gonna make me some purple firewood ...So the next thing I know I knock the guy out and he falls on my cooking pan Oh man, right in the heart
When conga lines run into each other Don't look at me she was like that when I got here Strike!
Talent shows gone horribly wrong Hail to the king, baby They'll never find me here
Winged characters Just lie down and the advancing hord of monsters will think you're dead Look Right Behind You!!!
Uh oh, banana peel (Evil) Cat and mouse Skeleton breakdancing
Clubbing a nurse There a giant minitor right behind you guys Lines for cookies
These guys are here to break up supper time There's some booze Batchlor appartments in Japan
10.18.2003 IGN screens
Decisions, decisions I've got this giant mansion but no one loves me *sob* *insert random kung-foo sound effects*
Time to rob the bank These people took the term "party 'till you drop" seriously Honest, he was dead before I got here
One day son, this will all be yours I want a nice salad Coliseum time
Leaving his mansion Rob the old man A really cheesey theme restaurant
"No Solicitations?" Damn Eek, the arrows are on me Party time
All I have is a weapon and boots, shouldn't I be naked? Take her axe! Flatulence attack
05.02.2001 First Screens
Walking through a forest Anyone who wants bigger pictures, raise your hands Backed into a corner
Another town is overcome by monster attacks Malicious trees and slimes
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