Fullmetal Alchemist - Screen Shots
04.19.2004 More Screens
No transmutation circle Needed for equal value What's he making?
Walking the train station Open the door Nice bridge
Yes, no, maybe? Ed making the door. Cannon
Clap The power And how the bridge was made
02.26.2004 First Look
But it does look like you have no neck I believe I'm saying something important Meeting on the bridge
Stats of the green square Character number two says: Those are some ugly lions
Can't you just throw me across I ripped my jacket again Insert diologue here
Roze! Alchemy time Press button to read more story
Look at that we made a bridge Fight time A bit overkill perhaps
Outside of the cafe I'm melting Circle of power
At the library I'm gonna make me a bridge Kablammo
High five!
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