Fullmetal Alchemist - Screen Shots
01.07.2005 More English Screens IGN
She's always there to brighten your day Watch out he bites Hurray for Edward!!!
It's just a flesh wound Caught in a lightning storm The 3d Version
Run away! Watch out for those wooden planks The imposter is getting away!
Getting stabbed where the sun don't shine What dirty tricks He also got stabbed where the sun don't shine
Kinda hard to fly if there is a hole in your wing Watch out for bubbles Walking on water
Chopping off legs He fell for the old mine trick I think your house is on fire
11.09.2004 New English Screens
Deadly soap bubbles Let it fly Here's a shock
Six hit combo! Watch out, grandma That doesn't look good
Which one? Nice gun Rawr!
Where's he going? This might hurt a little He's hungry
Just getting started Did he actually say anything? Mmm... fire
Smoly hokes! Toodles! A bad thing
05.14.2004 E3 Screens
Kickin' butt and taking names Best, weapon, ever Green circles
Bad doggie! No biscuit! Hot boomerang action Why must you laugh at my pain?
Edward, Al, and a priest Al looking good Preeeeetty girl
I think he's angry
11.10.2003 Screen-o-rama
Pogo stick away! Nice turrent Something important here
Time for a beatdown My hair is on fire! I'm the king of the world! no wait....
Power up time McHammer after his glory days 2 hit, shining blue punch!
In the middle of batte there is always time for a couple skateboard tricks Off with thine head you touch, you go boom
Heavy metal knight Things not to do in public Dammit I need a match
These guys don't look suspicious Stupid story, it's slowing down the action ...giant mechanical bird sold seperatly
Tanks, gotta love em I'd be seeing stars too Distract the beast with a banana
When conventional weapons don't work Don't drop the giant pillar on your comrade Bzzzzt!
It's clobbering time
09.27.2003 First Look
Swing and a hit He'll get eatten LEAVE ME ALONE!
Super speed Hehehe Don't know what to say
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