Front Mission 2 - Square Artwork
Ash Faruk
Joyce S. Whitfield
Amia McCalum
Griff Burnam
Thomas Norland
Ven Mackarge
Saribesh Labra
Lira Labra
A Vanzer
Insignias - Alordesh
Alordesh's Flag
Alordesh Air Force 1st
Alordesh Air Force 32nd
Alordesh Ground Force 1st
Alordesh Ground Force 2nd
Alordesh Ground Force 3rd
Alordesh Ground Force 4th - 2
Alordesh Ground Force 5th
Alordesh Ground Force 6th
Alordesh Ground Force 12th
Alordesh Ground Force SSC
Insignias - OCU
Oceana Co-operative Union's Flag
OCU Defence Force Deean Garrison Base
OCU A.D.F.B. 9th Tactical Bombing Air Wing
OCU A.D.F.B. 32nd Tactical Attack Air Wing
OCU Ground Defence Force Ramaston Garrison Base
OCU G.D.F.F. 4th Attack Support Air Wing
OCU G.D.F.F. 14th - Stakes
OCU G.D.F.F. 16th - Mary Anders
OCU G.D.F.F. 32nd
OCU G.D.F.F. 50th - Demolish Stars
OCU G.D.F.F. 67th
OCU G.D.F.F. 89th - Dull Stags
OCU Maritime Defence Force System LHSD-4 Monto
OCU Maritime Defence Force Rimian Maritime Base
OCU M.D.F.S. 10th
OCU M.D.F.S. 13th - Sea Lions
OCU M.D.F.S. 19th - Sea Jokers - 2
OCU M.D.F.S. 32nd - Cranes
OCU M.D.F.S. 33rd - Lady Birds
OCU M.D.F.S. 41st - Muddy Otters
OCU M.D.F.S. 44th Air Transport Wing
OCU M.D.F.S. 67th Air Transport Wing
OCU M.D.F.S. 310th - Eagle Hunters
OCU M.D.F.S. 332nd - Spy Swords
The World Map
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