Final Fantasy Tactics Battle Guide - Tips & Tricks

Please see the Getting Cloud section.

Chaos Blade
Ninjas on levels 2 and 9 of the Deep Dungeon will throw them at you if your levels are over 94. Use Thief job skill "Catch" to get them.

NOTE: These things rock. 40 attack, always Regen and random Petrify (like you need it, they do about 800 damage a hit.) Put them on a Knight with Ninja skill "Two Swords" and the Knight will be unstoppable, doing around 1600 damage per turn. Get as many as possible.

Javelin 2
On top of the left pillar at Nelveska Temple. Place Worker 8 next to the pillar and have someone with Chemist skill "Move - Get Item" and a Jump of 4 or above jump on his head up to the pillar. Ninjas over level 70 will also throw them at you. Use Thief job skill "Catch" to catch them.

NOTE: These things rock too. 30 attack with the long range of a spear. They do about 650 damage per hit, and are very useful if you use Lancers or Meliadoul.

Escutcheon 2
Same as Javelin 2, except on the right pillar.

NOTE: These things are great. You have a 75% evade rate with them, easily the best shield.

Take a Summoner to the 10th level of the Deep Dungeon. Lower his/her faith with spells that actually decrease the numeral. Get the faith between 10 and 20. Then kill all of the Apandas (except the friendly one, just get him to critical,) and move someone with high faith and HP about 3 squares away from the boss. Once he casts a large spell on that person, have them and the Summoner stand next to eachother. When the spell is cast, if the Summoner lives, he/she may learn Zodiac. It costs 99 MP and takes about as long as Bahamut to cast, only it does between 400 and 900 damage to a large area. How's that for an ultimate spell? :)

Breed the very rare Uribo or Porky, very rarely will you get a Wildbow. You can then poach them and get some good stuff. Namely Ribbons (protection from all status ailments) and FS Bags (best bags)

Genji Equipment
Steal it from Elmdor in Limberry Castle. Not as easy as it sounds; Celia and Lede are tough, and Elmdor is no pushover either. They're worth it, however, they're tons better than what you have.

Stone Gun
This is a very odd weapon. It has Always: Petrify. Which means whoever has it equipped has to have the Petrify status taken off before they can attack. It's pretty powerful, but the Petrify is obviously a detriment.. ;)

Secret Story Sequence
After having beaten Goug for the first time, go to the Brave Story section of the menu. Choose "Record," then scroll down to "Those who Seek the Holy Stone." Press [Circle] and then [Triangle]. There will be a story sequence which is not normally shown in the game! It has some tukin' music too..

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