Inside Limberry Castle
Objective: Defeat Elmdor
Friends Enemies
  • None

Playable Characters:
  • Ramza
  • 4 others in your traveling party
  • Elmdor (Arc Knight)
  • Celia (Assassin)
  • Lede (Assassin)
Difficulty (1-10): 5
If you don't plan on learning Ultima, this is a fairly easy job. Just aim everything you throw at Elmdor, he should succumb quickly. However, if you decide to learn Ultima, it's a different story.
Learning Ultima
Difficulty: 9
First things first, kill Celia and Lede once so that they turn into the demons. This way they can't cast the 100% status ailments that they can as Assassins. Then have Ramza (who must be a Squire) lure one of them off to the side. Try to stay a little ways away from it. They should eventually cast Ultima on you. During this time, you cannot kill Elmdor, because that would end the battle. Be aware that Ultima is not very powerful (around 150 damage, though it hits a large area,) so it's not the kill-all it was in Final Fantasy VI. It still is pretty col, however. :)

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