In Front of Bethla Garrison's Sluice
Objective: Pull both switches to flood Bethla Garrison
Friends Enemies
  • None

Playable Characters:
  • Ramza
  • 4 others in your traveling party
  • 2 Wizards
  • 2 Archers
  • 3 Knights
Difficulty (1-10): 7
The worst thing to do here is to kill the enemies in front of the switches. I have marked the switches off on the map. Run up and hit the switches, only worrying about killing enemies when they're right beside you or if they're blocking your way. After this fight, you gain a valuable addition to your party, Orlandu. You can stop using Agrias once you learn all of Orlandu's skills, as he has all the ones she does and more, plus he does a lot more damage. In fact, he makes the game a lot easier, so much so some people complain about him being included. I happen to like him, however. :)

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