Roof of Riovanes Castle
Objective: Protect Rafa
Friends Enemies
  • Rafa

Playable Characters:
  • Ramza
  • 3 others from your traveling party
  • Elmdor (Arc Knight)
  • Celia (Assassin)
  • Lede (Assassin)
Difficulty (1-10): 10
Just when you thought you'd gotten through the worst, you have to fight this battle. Some swear it's impossible, but it's not. This battle is probably the one the most people get stuck on, though. All you have to do is bring one of your foes to critical, but most of the time they kill Rafa before you even get a turn! If this happens, your speed is too low. Use Green Berets and Sprint shoes to improve your speed. Celia and Lede have 8 speed, Elmdor has 9. You want at LEAST 9 speed. You can also try using a red chocobo, they have about 9 speed and they have Choco Meteor, which does a respectable amount of damage. If you manage to save Rafa, congratulations, you've survived Riovanes. If you still can't win, use that other save I told you to keep before entering Riovanes, go back, and level up quite a bit. Doing Riovanes over completely is a lot easier than doing the entire game over again.
Learning Ultima
Ramza can learn Ultima from the Assassins. Here's how: First of all, Ramza must be a Squire. Then protect Rafa until she's out of harm's way. Use Regen and keep someone to cure her. Keep Ramza running around near Elmdor. Eventually, Elmdor will cast Ultima on Ramza. If Ramza is hit by it, and lives, then he'll be able to use it from now until the end of the game. Ultima does a reasonable amount of damage, so you'll want Ramza to be near-full health.

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