Zirekile Falls
Objective: Save Ovelia
Friends Enemies
  • Delita (Holy Knight)
  • Ovelia (Princess)
  • Agrias

Playable Characters:
  • Ramza
  • 3 others in your traveling party
  • Gafgarion
  • 5 Knights
Difficulty (1-10): 5
In this level, Gafgarion shows his true colors. My advice to make this level infinately easier is to strip Gafgarion of all his weapons and make him a priest or some other weak class. Do this before you enter battle, it makes the battle soooo much easier. Get rid of Gafgarion, then kill all the knights. Delita is very strong, he's like Agrias, except about twice as strong. With him on your side, this battle should be a cinch. Send some mages or something over to help him though. Use at least 3 of your own (Agrias included) to kill Gafgarion and the Knights on your side of the river. Gafgarion likes to run, so you may have to chase him up the side of the cliff. Once you get him to critical, he'll take off. Also, watch what the characters have to say, this is a major plot developing scene, it sets the stage for the rest of the game.

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