Golgorland Execution Site
Objective: Kill all Enemies
Friends Enemies
  • None

Playable Characters:
  • Ramza
  • 4 others in your traveling party
  • Gafgarion (Dark Knight)
  • 2 Archers
  • 2 Time Mages
  • 3 Knights
Difficulty (1-10): 10
This is one hard battle. You're outnumbered quite badly. Gafgarion is very strong, and Night Sword means he gains some HP back when he hits you. Use Crush Punch, or, if you have it, Lightning Stab or Holy Explosion with Agrias. Use Ramza to hit him with Jump or something similar. Put your 2 people with strongest HP besides Agrias and Ramza under the bridge, they're going to take some hard hits from the Knights and Archers. Oh, if you have a Summoner, make sure they know Bahamut or Cyclops (preferably with Half MP so they can cast it) because this can kill Gafgarion in one hit, and it will take out everyone around him, while missing your characters. Also, make sure you have a way to revive someone, this is a loooong battle; if someone dies, they'll probably turn to crystal before you can kill everything off. Make sure one of your stronger characters knows Revive, Raise, or Phoenix Down. You're still going to have a tough time, but doing all of this should make the battle a lot easier.

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