Objective: Kill all enemies
Friends Enemies
  • Mustadio
  • Agrias

Playable Characters:
  • Ramza
  • 3 others in your traveling party
  • 2 Summoners
  • 2 Knights
  • 2 Archers
Difficulty (1-10): 8
This fight is fairly hard, because of the two Summoners. Take them out ASAP. The Archers are weak, and the Knights should be easily overtaken. But the Summoners cast their spells quickly, hit a large area and do 100+ damage. Build your levels up to at least 15 before trying to beat this level. Here's my suggestion: Send 2 of your troops on each side of the hill. Kill the summoners, then double back to help Agrias and Mustadio, because they'll be in deep. They're both Guests, so if they die it's no big deal, they're not going to turn to crystal. After this battle, you'll pay Cardinal Draclau a visit. There, you will leave Ovelia and Agrias. Mustadio comes with you to his hometown of Goug Machine City.

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