Araguay Woods
Choice #1: Kill all Enemies
Choice #2: Save the Chocobo
Friends Enemies
  • Gafgarion
  • Agrias
  • Boco, a Chocobo

Playable Characters:
  • Ramza
  • 3 others in your traveling party
  • 1 Black Goblin
  • 5 Goblins
Difficulty (1-10): 3
This battle is a walk in the park. Boco is not hard to save, only the Black Goblin has a reasonable chance at doing any damage, and Boco likes to use Choco Cure a lot. Just kill all the Goblins, and don't touch Boco. After the battle, if Boco is alive, he will ask to join you. I reccomend taking him. He stinks, but the eggs he makes can be good, because Red and Black Chocobos are very useful. Just watch out or you'll have too many Chocobos. Don't hesitate to kick any of them out of your group. For now, get ready for the next battle, it's a toughie.

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