Final Fantasy Origins - Final Fantasy II Screen Shots
02.01.2003 Exclusive FF2 screens  
The villian is a pyromaniac, whee. The whole crew. Ahh, the classic antlions.
You'd better not be curing the enemy! Detailed spell explinations *cough*. Aww, use "Doom" instead!
Is it the gravity, or are you short? Why are you in that house, again? Fleeing from town!
How does one carry all that junk? Take it all. Ooo, toasties.
Marchin' up the flying castle.
01.10.2003 First Screens  
Antlions! Hi-ya! 7 hits Gus gets picked on
Curing allies How ominous... Ooooo....Shiny
Queen Hilda Using an item Maria needs curing
Inside a cave Up up and away! Safely landed
A great view Decided to nap, I see The ultimate question!
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