Final Fantasy Origins - Final Fantasy I Screen Shots
02.01.2003 Exclusive FF1 Screens  
Ooo, shiny CG. Your new pet! A large...crystal necklace?
The party menu. A White Mage using a sword...? Aww, they're just the undead.
Err, what's that magic circle for? Ooo, Lich is looking good these days. Prowling about town.
Delving into ruins! Ice magics. u foolz lolol!!!1
A White Mage's maxed spell menu. He's NAKED! Canoe + Pocket = Ow.
You could stay 20646.5 times! Wierd place to keep a birdbath.
01.10.2003 First Screens  
The first Ochu Items during battle Look! CGI!
Up the river with a paddle The crystal May the Force be with you?
All aboard Oo, sparkly! Using an item
Fire! Fire! Fire! Boarding the airship Equip screen
Hotfoot Flying above the city Outside the volcano
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