Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle - Screen Shots
07.31.2003 More New Shots
Clavat and his buddy Hues of blues Sphere of influence
Four more short guards Cut the cute Moogle's hair Words of pink
Words of orange Words of blue Party chatting with guards
Clavat's the man
07.14.2003 New Screens
Notice GBA in Top Right Corner Flames are Fun Aurora Borey... err, Northern Lights
Combat on the Wood Peninsula Town World Map
Glowing Diamond Watch Out For The Spikes! Magical Rings Rule the Ground
Moogle? Running Around the Map Nothing Like Dialog
The Golden Book of Pleasures! A Swimmin' Man Selkie's a Looker
The All too Familiar Ahriman Good Good Whole Wheat Combat More Runnin'
A Dwarfy Bubble 2 Tiny Guards Lookin' Down on the Kids
The Big Blue Something.. The Northern Lights Return And Making a Final Appearance
A Group of Explorers A Bit O' Town
05.13.2003 E3 Screens
What big eyes you have! It's not good to play with fire Ooh! Pwitty purple!
Light your torches! That's an interesting creature He speaks
"MONSTERs" The map screen Controls on the map screen
03.26.2003 A Few Screens
Could this be the wind crystal? Don't blink you might miss it Faster!
There you are It's a monster of some kind In the arena
From point A to point B
03.01.2003 Even More Screens
Off I go Home sweet home Hitching a ride
Gray skies Blue crystal attack Fire tornado
Mail call! One.. Two..
Three.. Open! I think it's for you
Going for the treasure I love you too A message for you
Option #1 The green box is telling me something Purple and green
I pick the green one
10.05.2002 More screens
Runing past a bright light Standing proud Mine melee
The battle rages on Ripping apart a skeleton Now just a pile of bones
Flowing locks of...purple hair... She has a nice scarf on Even the men like purple hair
8.14.2002 First Look Gaming Age
"They won't even look at me." Dungeons and Pillars A Mage, The Hero, and a Dead Monster
BOOM! It just looks like flame Not you again.  I killed you last week!
Take That! Die, you uh... dead menace! The Hero
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