Chrono Trigger - Screen Shots
07.07.2001 Additional Screens Source: Square
The couple meets... ...and decide on a date... ...they invite a friend... a spot of hunting... ...and more hunting. Please, listen.
Ohmmmmmmm Whump the scary girls! All Rise!
JUMP for joy Smokin' Frog to the rescue!
A mighty slash Wandering through the trees Jump and thrust
"I swear to tell the truth..." Look into my eyes... bzzZAP
Welcome back Jun-gle Beat . o O (ZZZ)
The flames of religion? Schoop! Royal gathering
Fancy fancy Royal chambers Up and...away? Uh...
Save me! *Chi-ching* Wo-ong
The results of drug abuse? EEK! Daisy head?
Anyone up for a swim? We win. Village
The infamous X-Strike    
05.28.2001 E3 Screens
Anime Crono looks at anime Frog Ayla clubs the Reptites Azala and the Black Tyrano
A fated wedding Magus stands tall and ominous The famous campout
Evil shrooms Fighting in the cathedral Yakra!
Using a sword tech Giant green rings X-Strike
Entering the corridors of time Bridging the continents An unjust trial
Having fun at the Millennial Fair My name is Gato...I have metal joints... (etc., etc.) Was it the closet?
Floating away Around town
09.29.1999 New Anime Screens (PSX) Source: Square
Antipode! The Wings of Time Ayla takes to the sky
An excited Marle In front of Magus' Castle  
09.18.1999 Anime Screens (PSX) Source: GameSpot
Crono brandishing his blade Lucca, surrounded by enemies Lucca celebrating
Marle in pain    
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