Final Fantasy X - Propaganda
12.27.2001 Triple dose of ads
It's here
One of two heroes
The second of two heroes
12.11.2001 Lots and lots of stuff to buy
Anima figure
Bahamut figure
Iron Giant figure
Rikku figure
Tidus figure
Ultima Weapon figure
Varuna figure
Yuna figure
Cactuar plush
Cait Sith plush
Chocobo plush
Normal Mog plush
FFX Mog plush
PuPu plush
Tonberry plush
Bahamut T-shirt
Shiva T-shirt
Tidus and Yuna T-shirt
Tidus lunchbox
A poster with all the characters
Tidus poster
Tidus and Yuna in the water poster
Auron poster
Lulu poster
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