Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within: Screen Shots
06.21.2001 Monster Screens Source:13th Street
It has no guts. It has no glory. Ready, aim, fire!
From a distance.    
01.25.2001 Un-trailor Screens
The main girl surrounded by droid things Droids and big thing Explosion, woo
The girl looking deadish Ships taking off or something No clue what this is =p
People standing around looking cool What happens when you don't drink your milk  
12.01.2000 Fun screens Source:
A transparent wrist Large eyeball Explosion, woo
Ugly guy Ooo! Scary! Boo! A miscellanious hand
11.09.2000 Shots from Teaser Trailer Source:
Close-up shot of someone's eye - - Hi-Res The protagonist - - Hi-Res Someone's lips - - Hi-Res
Movie title A man in armor - - Hi-Res Something holding a knife - - Hi-Res
  First Screens Source: Square
An incredibly detailed and lifelike elderly man, Charles
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