Fire Emblem: Aoi Honoo no Kiseki - Screen Shots
04.09.2005 Freshly Picked Screens
All the king's horsemen... Pegasus, away! Turn off the lights
Skewer-licious Quite wise Taste steel
Visiting Her Highness Introducing the real king Roaring into action...
Maybe I'm a lion? Quick on his feet Quite similar to that ferry scene from "The Ring"
Healing wind Animal cruelty Female soldier's status and rank
No need to stop and ask for directions Choose or lose Medieval checkers
Stop the small talk An important decision
03.27.2005 The Screens Just Keep Coming Jeux-France
Level 5 Ike gets ready to fight Cocky red-head in battle Swing and a miss!
Retreat to avoid a major butt kicking Explosive strike Powering up, DBZ style
Blinding Assault Shameful defeat More charging up
Spell attack Slashing green light Surrounded!
Unleashing the power Critical hit! Shhh! The blue knight is talking
The cocky red-head talks to Ike Encounter with a female knight A serious discussion
It's great to see you! Happy and green Bold and beautiful
Ike getting some more action Battle on the bridge Character menu screen 1
Character menu screen 2 Character menu screen 3 Character menu screen 4
Character menu screen 5
03.07.2005 Even Newer Screens IGN
"Why yes, my halberd is loaded with gunpowder!" "The same goes for my pike!" And, tragically, he was consumed by the pretty, swirling green lights
Flashy moves Blue XIII?!
01.06.2005 Newest Screens
Our Hero Showing gender bias, the female is for no reason shinier than the male Course of action
The hero prepares to move More gameplay action Hitting for 13 damage
Flyover shot of a town Take no jive Level up!
Pretty cinematics
11.05.2004 Newer Screens Jeux France
Bright shining light Looks like she may fall off Animal cruelty
Angry kitty Pirate invasion Help me, I'm only level 2
Getting personal with her status They will never guess where you are going Sure doesn't look like a 6 to me
I am better because I am brighter The green circle Cute but deadly
Sword fighting in the forest Looks a bit angry Not as extreme
Over the water Looking up to the stars 3 on 4 doesn't look fair
Apparently one of your own people is switching sides A few less HP than his partner
04.18.2004 First Screens GameOnline Japan
The foresnics team forgot to look in the conservatory, a critical error A town divided A town divided: profile
Looks like a kiddie pool to me... An exotic formation Choosing which sword to use
I could make a tasteless comment here, but I won't Sparktastic Ceremonial basting
Many different flavours Auras were endemic that year Spiffy menus
"Cat ears mean furries will love me!" Title screen I wish the world was flat like the old days / you could travel just by folding the map
Suspiciously like LoD... Tired of yellow flashes? Here's some blue for y ou
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