Fire Emblem: Aoi Honoo no Kiseki - Art
04.25.2005 The Coolest Set Jeux France
Wood? People? Whatever the job, I'm the a-okay choice! Oooh, intimidating ...Overcompensation, perhaps?
She's the kind of girl that beat up the bullies in school Don't look into its eyes! It'll hypnotize you! Hey, if you flip it on its side you can see Santa throwing up!
01.16.2005 Second Set Jeux France
Pretty in ... orange? Our hero Catgirl
Cat ... girl? Huge teeth Watch out for that squirrel
04.18.2004 First Screens GameOnline Japan
Grail - Disturbingly reminiscent of Beyond the Beyond Mist - Apple seller Senerio- A dark mage of some description
Tiamat - Red hair and an axe? That's the complete package Everyone's jumping on the Metropolis boat, it seems Cast montage
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